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Total SimplicI-T is your complete digital solution.

We manage your website, server and network from initial concept to day-to-day running in Australia.

Fast track your digital success.

Simplifying your company’s digital operations is now more important than ever. It’s the key to achieving:

  • a powerful online presence
  • smooth internal communications
  • an efficient, trouble-free computer network for your entire team

Total SimplicI-T takes care of all your digital maintenance needs, from running your website to managing your server and data network.

Don’t waste any more time on annoying technical issues. Hire IT management experts who’ll solve all your problems for you.

We offer standby web support and even deal with host providers on your behalf. That means more productivity and fewer hassles.

Looking for a complete IT solution in Australia for a better business strategy?

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Information Technology Services

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Information Technology Management


Get expert advice, webmaster services, IT management and ongoing technical support.

Are you a small or medium business located in Australia? Total SimplicI-T can manage all your digital and web services to give your business an edge over its competitors.

We don’t host or own services - rather, we simplify and oversee your digital operations. That way you can free up company resources, manpower and money for other tasks. It’s simple, elegant and efficient.

Quick. Clean. Simple.

The Total SimplicI-T Difference:
Quick. Clean. Simple.

Get us to do the hard work.

Maybe you want a new website, seek to share your data or need to move servers to the cloud. We are true collaborators in getting the best out of your business. We listen to your needs and deliver a fast and complete solution.


List of Services

A quick overview of what we do...

Email & Collaboration

A smooth communication system is crucial to the success of your business.

Internet & Network

From securing a domain name to dealing with service providers and offshore IT companies, we do it all.

Professional Services

We are true collaborators in your business with our database administration and project management services.


Get the best protection and security for your business website.

Servers & Storage

Cloud servers are a valuable resource for storing and backing up your most important data.

Web services

We don’t design websites, but we implement the right template and hosting service for your needs.